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Getting Started

About Inventory Source

Learn more about what we offer and our pricing plans.

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Learn how to setup your integration and activate your product feed.

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Account Management and Billing

Learn more about plan upgrades, downgrades and billing.

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Our Tools, Suppliers and Sales Channels

Inventory Automation

Learn more about Inventory Automation and using your Catalog Manager.

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Order Automation

Learn more about Order Automation and using your Order Manager.

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Supplier Directory

Learn more about how to use our Supplier Directory

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Learn more about integrating with the Shopify platform.

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Learn how our Amazon integration works and utilizing repricing tools.

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Learn how our Push to eBay feature works, along with common listing errors.

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Learn more about integrations with Walmart

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Learn more about integrating with the WooCommerce platform

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US Direct

Learn more about supplier US Direct, how to get started and US Direct's advantages.

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Sales Channel Integrations

Learn more about our sales channel integrations and platform specific documentation.

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Supplier Integrations

Learn more about our integrated dropship supplier partners.

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Managing Your Integrations

Learn how to pause, freeze, and cancel integrations on your account.

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Sales Channel Field Mapping

Learn about configuring product attributes for specific platforms

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Frequently Asked Questions about Inventory Source

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