Optimized Sync vs. Standard Sync

Standard Sync

When you are on our Inventory or Full Automation Basic plans then you have our 2x/day syncing, where we only sync up your channel with supplier and catalog manager updates twice a day. This is on our $50 and $150/month Basic plans.

Optimized Sync

This technology is where we pull your inventory feeds as often as new data is made available by your supplier. This will ensure your online store or e-commerce platform/channel has the most accurate and optimized data made available by your supplier. Those on our optimized sync plans have their inventory feed monitoring and updating schedules set to pull new data as often as it appears in the new supplier feed, to then be pushed as soon as possible to your store. Even if the data with your supplier has not changed, this functionality is very important if you are constantly making changes to our tool (for example, changing your pricing rules) and you need this to be updated as soon as possible to your sales channel.

You will need to be on our Plus or VIP plan to utilize this feature.

Looking to upgrade your plan to access optimized sync? Learn how here >>  How to Add or Upgrade an Integration

*Optimized Sync refers to the Inventory Automation side of our software.