Catalog Manager: Product Customizations

One size doesn't necessarily fit all when it comes to your suppliers' product data. Catalog Manager provides you with the tools needed to make your suppliers' products your own. With the customization tool, you can modify products to fit your business' unique style by enhancing descriptions, editing product titles, adding eye-catching product images and more.

Table of Contents

  1. Product Customizations
  2. Bulk Customizations
  3. Updating ASINs
  4. Adding Variations
  5. FAQs

Product Customizations

Some suppliers offer limited product descriptions that just don't sell the product to your customers. Maybe you want to indicate that some items are on sale this week by adding special verbiage in the product title. Or perhaps you want to replace an existing image with a more attractive image that will grab your buyers' attention. Check out the following video to learn how you can customize the products in your Catalog:

Details that can be customized:

Titles Descriptions Images
Manufacturer/ID Weight Length
Height Width Firearm (Y/N)

Supported Platforms:
Shopify, Big Commerce, Woo Commece API, Magento API

Supported Marketplaces:
Amazon (ASINs only) and Gunbroker
Note:  You can customize products either in the Queue or in the Catalog. Once your products have been customized and added to the Catalog, you'll see the changes reflected after your next scheduled update runs. 

Bulk Customizations

If you need to customize a large number of products at once, you can create a .csv file and upload it to the Catalog instead of manually going through each individual product and updating those one at a time. To access this tool, you'll need to access your Catalog Rules and select the BULK tab:

Here you can upload your .csv file. There is a template provided under the "Bulk" tab that you can download and edit to use as a guide to creating your product file. Note that the file size should not exceed 10MB.

Modifying ASINs

When products are loaded to Amazon, they are loaded by UPC and Amazon then assigns product details to the loaded product. No matter what data we send to Amazon they will load their own data if they have the UPC stored in their database. In some cases Amazon "assigns" the product you've loaded to the wrong Amazon ASIN. An Amazon ASIN is the unique identification number that Amazon has created for internally identifying products. 

This is more common in products that come in different sizes and variations of the products. For example, Amazon can often have the same UPC stored for a pair of standard binoculars, the XL binoculars that are more expensive, and the combo pack that is much more expensive.  More specifically, Amazon will take the UPC and choose an ASIN that it has determined to be most fitting. 

If you find that your product has been assigned an incorrect ASIN in Amazon, you can reconcile this using the product customization tool.

For instance, if I added a product with only one bottle of cleaning solution, I may find that the current UPC is matching to an Amazon ASIN associated with the two-pack of the same product. This can cause confusion and frustration for both you and your customers:

To correct this, grab the ASIN associated with the 1 ct item (you can usually pull this straight from Amazon) and plug it in to the ASIN field in the product that you want to update:


Be sure to save your changes when finished. You'll see the ASIN matches up correctly once the next update runs.

Adding Variations

We make it simple to group variations of a product together in one singular listing. We also give you the option to pick and choose which variations you want to include in the product listing. See the video below to learn how to add variations of a product to your Catalog:

*Note that some suppliers may not support variations in their feeds. 


  • When will I see the changes on my store? Your changes will be reflected after your next update runs.
  • Do I need to schedule a full update to make these changes? No. Your standard update will push the changes.
  • I've customized my products. Why are they not updated on my site? You may not be integrated with a platform 
    that supports product customizations. See the list of supported platforms and marketplaces  here
  • When editing a product with variations, do I have to edit each associated child product? No. Your customizations will apply across the board for all variations of a product.
  • Why would I need to change my ASINs? In some cases Amazon "assigns" the product you've loaded to the wrong Amazon ASIN. Adding the correct ASIN to a product will ensure your products are being accurately listed on Amazon.