Integrating with Ordoro

Ordoro & Inventory FAQs

Why integrate Ordoro with Inventory Source?

Ordoro is a multi-channel management platform that allows you to easily manage your inventory and orders across multiple suppliers and sales channels. When sending orders and integrating inventory with their dropship suppliers, Ordoro customers find the TurnKey integrations and full automation from Inventory Source of the ordering and inventory sync process extremely valuable in saving time and reducing errors. Inventory Source customers find huge benefits in Ordoro's intuitive inventory and order management interface & features as well as the TurnKey integrations with shipping carriers to easily ship and print labels for their products that are self-fulfilled.

How does the integration work?

Supplier or 3PL Inventory Sync: This process syncs the price/quantity/status of your inventory to Ordoro for those customers using Ordoro to manage their inventory. 

Direct Order Placement: Ordoro allows you to send orders to your dropship suppliers by creating a Purchase Order PDF and sending over email automatically. However this service, allows you to automatically place orders directly into your supplier's ordering system. This is for suppliers that require this direct integration (don't accept emails)... but also more importantly for customers who would like to be able to send orders automatically without the need for their supplier representative to manually receive and enter the order... speeding up turn around times.

Shipment Tracking: One of the biggest frustrations for customers sending orders to dropship supplier is having to manually update the shipment tracking in their ecommerce platform. When integrating Inventory Source, we automatically "pick up" shipment tracking from your supplier and place it into your Ordoro order workflow. We will also update the order status to trigger the integration between Ordoro and your website or marketplace account to automatically send shipment notification emails to your customer.

Full Product Data Sync: Currently the only inventory data that is sent to Ordoro is price, quantity, & status. However if you would like to load other product data provided by your dropship supplier, such as Images, Titles, Descriptions, Categories, etc. directly to your website, you will need to purchase our standard Inventory Automation Service

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