Newgistics and Stitch Labs Integration

Note: Stitch Labs is a legacy integration option and is no longer available for new integrations.

Inventory Source's integration and sync of the Newgistic's 3PL and Stitch Labs Inventory & Order Management system streamlines the inventory and order management workflow for online retailers.

The integration details for the Inventory Workflow and Order Workflow are outlined below.

These integration details are the standard default workflow for the prebuilt integration and sync of Newgistics and Stitch Labs. Workflow sync timing, integration details, and values can all be customized by our integration team per the customer's requirements. 

If you would like to request more information on how to setup or customize this integration, send us a note to

Syncing Inventory between Stitch Labs & Newgistics

New Inventory Workflow:
  1. New inventory shipments arrive at Newgistics
  2. Newgistics enters the new inventory quantity numbers in their system 
  3. Inventory Source syncs quantity from Newgistics system to Stitch 2x Daily
New Order Adjustment Workflow:
  1. New order is placed on sales channel or directly in Stitch.
  2. Stitch decrements "available" quantity in Stitch & channels.
  3. Inventory Source sends order and Newgistics decrements quantity in their system.
  4. Inventory Source syncs new quantities from Newgistics system to Stitch 2x Daily.

Damaged Inventory Workflow:
  1. Customers return products to Newgistics directly.
  2. Newgisitcs evaluates products and enter products in the "Damaged Warehouse".
  3. Inventory Source syncs the quantity of damaged products to a separate "warehouse" in Stitch Labs.

Syncing Orders between Stitch Labs & Newgistics

New Order Workflow:

  1. New Order is placed on Stitch from the sales channel or in Stitch directly
  2. Inventory Source provides 30 min buffer window before pulling new orders
  3. Once an order is 30 min old it is locked in Stitch and sent to Newgistics to be fulfilled
  4. Stitch order will show status of "FBA/3PL Status: Sent to Newgistics"
Shipment Workflow:
  1. When Newgistics receives a new order it will mark the shipment status as "received"
  2. Once the order is shipped the status is updated to the "shipped" and a tracking number is provided in the API.
  3. Inventory Source sends the "shipped" status and tracking information to Stitch which is then synced with the sales channel to automatically update the customer via email
Order Tagging Workflow:
  1. Some orders are assigned other statuses that the retailer will want to search by in Stitch
  2. Newgisitcs will mark orders as "cancelled", "on hold",  "backorder", and others that have bad SKU or address information
  3. For these statuses Inventory Source will send a tag to Stitch to signify the status and allow the retailer to search based on the order status tags.
Order Status Tag Syncing Default Values
NWG API End Point Stitch Labs Tag
BACKORDER Backordered
CNFHOLD Cannot Find Hold
INVHOLD Inventory Hold
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