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DOBA: Push to eBay Tool

Now that you have completed the onboarding process for your Doba to eBay integration, you can start adding


1. Add Inventory to Doba Account:

Before working in the Push to eBay tool, the first step to getting started is to make sure you have inventory on your Doba account.

Here are the How to add Inventory to Doba account:

  1. Login to your Doba Account
  2. Click Catalog" on the main menu panel

3: Add products and check under 'My Inventory' tab.

We will then begin to pull any inventory you have added to your "inventory lists" in Doba into your Inventory Source account where you can configure your tools in Step 4 of your   Pending integrations page to start loading your products to your store. 

***Please allow  4-5 hours for new products added to your inventory lists in Doba to be pulled into Inventory Source.

2. Access the Push to eBay Tool 

Once you have a subscription  with  a supplier using Inventory Source, the Push To eBay is available once you "Add an Integration" for a supplier to eBay.

  1. Login to your Inventory Source Account. "Add an Integration" for your supplier to eBay.
  2. Once purchased, you now have  access  to the "Push To eBay" tool.
  3. Select “Push to eBay” located on the left-hand panel of your dashboard.

3.Create a New Batch

If you’re just getting started, you should know that when pushing products to eBay it’s best to place your product choices in batches so you’re not pushing all products at once. A batch is a group of products that fit a specific niche or category. It’s easier and faster to push 25 or so products at a time rather than pushing hundreds or thousands of products at once.  So we suggest you separate the products you want to put on eBay in ‘Batches’ of similar products.

If you don’t have any existing batches, click “Create New Batch" in one of two places as shown below.

Once you start a new batch you'll see this screen:

Fill out all of the information in every batch setting category from 'General Settings' to 'International Shipping.' Make sure that you as well select a Shipping Method Service when setting that up.

4.Searching & Adding Your Doba Products

Once you set all of that up it will re-direct you to your main Push to eBay dashboard. Select the Batch that you just created and now it's time to add products to this batch.

  1. Click the "Search & Add Products to Batch"  you will then see your supplier's entire product directory. 
  2. *** Do not be alarmed, this will show ALL of Doba's products (Over 1 Million) however you will only be able to list those you have added to your inventory through Doba. ***
  3. Refer back to your inventory in Doba and select the Product you would like to add.
  4. Utilize the search bar and type in the Product SKU (Example AB- ) for the specific product you would like to add.

5. Once your product search has completed, simply click the "Add to Batch" button and the product will be added to your Batch. (You also have the option to Add to Selection if you would like to keep an on-going list of products to add to your batch)

Repeat steps 3-5 until all the products you want to list have been added from your Doba Inventory.

If you have any questions, simply contact our onboarding team by clicking the "contact onboarding team" button at the bottom of your pending integrations page.

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