Our Plans: Inventory Automation vs Full Automation

Inventory Automation

Our Inventory Automation service allows you to automatically sync your dropship supplier’s inventory and product data to your ecommerce website or marketplace account.

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Inventory Automation: How it Works

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Full Automation

Our Full Automation service includes all the benefits of Inventory Automation plus the ability to automatically route orders to your dropship suppliers and automatically sync back shipment tracking to your store and customer. If you don't have Full Automation, you simply will just place your orders manually with the supplier via their website or over email (however they accept orders).

Order Automation: How it Works

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To learn more about how these two services work, visit How Inventory Automation Works and How Order Automation Works

To learn more about the different pricing plans and features, visit Inventory Automation Pricing Plans and Order (Full) Automation Pricing Plans.

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