SKU Collision Detection Tool


  • The SKU Collision Tool auto-detects the products from your suppliers that have the same UPC or MPN and allows you to choose how to handle these SKU collisions
  • This helps you prevent loading duplicate product listings to your store when two different suppliers are carrying the same product. It can also help you identify when multiple products may share the same UPC or MPN in a single supplier feed.
  • Use the tool to identify collisions and choose which product you would like to list in your catalog. You can do this in bulk by lowest cost, MAP price, highest quantity, or preferred supplier or 1 by 1.


What does the "rebuild collisions" do?

  • As more products are added into your supplier's feeds there is potential you may have more collisions appear from the new products. You can click the "rebuild collisions" button to load any new collisions. This will not erase anything you have done previously.

What happens if the cost, quantity, or MAP is the same when I am selecting "resolve all by..."

  • We will just select the first SKU identified to load.

Why would I need to filter by variations when searching/resolving collisions?

  • When you "resolve" a collision, you are telling our system to "load this SKU" instead of the other SKU. When a product is listed as a variation, this means it is 1 product with multiple SKUs aka "variants" like size and color.
  • You will want to pay extra attention to variations when resolving collision as this could result in loading some of the SKUs for a product and filtering out others, or in some cases actually splitting the upload of some SKUs for one supplier and other SKUs from another supplier, resulting in two separate product listings. 
  • Think of an example where you "resolve" the large and medium T-shirt SKU from one supplier and the small and extra large of that same T-shirt from another supplier. You would now have two listings split between suppliers.
  • This is why we recommend filtering out and taking extra precaution with variant products.

How do I access the SKU Collision Detection Tool?

  • This feature is currently available on our Plus & VIP plans
  • It can be accessed from within your Integrations dashboard