What are SKU prefixes?

When an integration is set up, a unique prefix is appended to each SKU. This helps our system know which SKU goes to which supplier so that using multiple suppliers is not an issue.

We add a 2-3 character SKU prefix to all supplier provided SKU numbers in our catalogs to ensure uniqueness across suppliers. Our system matches and syncs products to your store by SKU #. 

This diagram helps to explain why having duplicate SKUs in your sales channel could create a problem:

Duplicate SKUs

During integration setup, this screen gives you the option to choose which SKU prefix you would like to add:

SKU Prefix choice

We recommend leaving the default prefix in place unless you have a business reason for choosing the other two options. For instance, if you are attempting to connect to pre-existing products located on your store, please select "No, do not include SKU prefix" so that we will strip the prefix from the SKU # during the upload/sync process.

If you later do not want your SKUs to have a prefix, you can ask us to remove them. Likewise, you can ask us to use a custom prefix that differs from our default values. Having us do either of these requires all existing products be removed by you from your sales channel or SKUs will no longer match.

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